2006 7'0 Balsa 01

My first Balsa effort.

Triple red wood stringer and chambered out. Peruvian walnut and maple fin (Thanks to John Cherry for fin)

Surfed in 2-3 Ft steep hollow waves and found it very challanging. Looking forward to a 6-8ft day with large open faces.


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It's clean and well-shaped. I

It's clean and well-shaped. I like this board. - Flemings Ultimate Garage

Brian nice stick. did you chamber it yourself and what are the dimensions.



Thanks Pandanaus. I chambered it my self using my router. I Got an extra long routing bit that could go all the way through each 2" plank. All planks expect the outside pieces are chambered. I never chambered more than 10mm from the deck or hull. I cut out lots of separate chambers so there are lots and lots of support pillars inside the board.

I have not weighted the board but it's probably only marginally heavier than an equivilant size BIB pop out... and thats with the gloss and polish finish

brian the board you did looks great! Im looking forward to the day of shaping my first solid wood board? Im just getting started on foam and learning a great deal about..
have fun looks like a board that will do good in any conditions..

Balsa 7' single fin

WOW. Looks just like a board that I got from Costa Rica in 1979. Still kick myself for selling it. it will be great in over head steep stuff. Let me know if you ever want to sell it!

Love it!

That's a great looking board - clean lines...I made a 10ft balsa 50's stlye plank last summer complete with keel fin - waht amazed me was the momentum gained through the weight...does that one feel the same???
I've now got a retro balsa fish planned as the next project...
Cheers and well done!

Nice Board

Nice board Brian, it looks sweet


Nice looking board Brian, very clean!

I'm working on a bunch of balsa boards myself, sure is a whole different shaping trip isn't it.