2009 4 Way Fin System Genesis Quad

the latest light-weight fin release, the Genesis.


hey deno i would like to see the plan shape

ok, no problem, Maike has posted on our site already:

follow this link ok...
let me know if it works ok,


Im currently working on a five option fin setup, im interested in how that quad setup works with the thumb tail. The board im working on is more simialar to kellys super shorties. What are the dims you used on the fins? Does it ride well as a thruster too?

yes, i rode it like a thruster first, and i fully have those fin dimensions dialled in, but quads is NEW territory for all of us, even tho i have been shaping them for years now.. but having the 5 plug set-up does give the board more diversity and "range" the fin placements on that board are as follows: 3 1/4" rear thruster fin x 11 1/4 front fins (1/4" toe and 1 1/4 in from rail) then the rear quad fins were positioned at: 6 1/4" with 1/8 toe and 2 1/8 in from rail... have fun....

i shaped a board similar to Kelly's concept too, except longer as i felt it looked too short, for my stance... so i ended up with a 5'11 x 18 3/4" x 2 1/4" , which is still one of my favourite boards...


Woah this is pretty neat! I really love the fins. - YOR Health Products

This 4 way fin is one of my favorite.

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