2003 Clark Foam 8’0” x 22.5” x 3.00”, Single Skeg Silence & Awe

This posting is in honor of Gary Cicchetto, home artisan of all phases of creating surfboards. This is one of his newest, custom made for me and is dated March 18th, 2003. Started from a Clark 8-4R, blue, 3/16” bass stringer, double 6 oz. on deck and single 6 oz. on bottom, good nose rocker, tucked in rails starting 16” from nose to hard rails in tail, squash tail, slightly crowned deck, pretty flat on the bottom, 9” Fins Unlimited Skeg. The board is easy to get up on and drive from the tail for cruising or good maneuverability. Will handle small to large waves and is made for the North Coast of Cali.


Playing this kind of board

Playing this kind of board was fun and i love it. - Marla Ahlgrimm


A classic ride. I'd love to surf this one at a perfect point without a crowd.

Too Good

That thing is too good to put in the water.I can only hope i can attain that level of excellence in my boards oneday!!

Your Killin' Me

"I gotta sweet tooth for your eye candy...I had a nice 1968 Martin HD-28 I was saving up for but now, I'm not so sure..."


Each one gets better and better. Incredible job.


I just read the that it's a true ames -- of course it's fiberglass. Another question then...how do you find the true ames compares to your wood fins?

"Paul, that fin is gorgious!"

"Don't get me wrong -- the board is a work of art, your best pure shape yet I think. I'm just in love with that fin. It looks like all fiberglass, no?````p.s. you're awesome."