1988 Dale Solomonson "7'6" x 20.5 x 3" x 16" x 14" "Flexible, Stringerless & Finless I"

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The design looks good. I like

The design looks good. I like the idea though. It is really cool. - Weathershield Reviews

That really like the most

That really like the most awesome layout and blueprint Ive ever seen. - Mission Maids

Hi again, Dale!

Well, in the other resource, the twin peak vee sketch, you have asked one freako that said something about a "dolphin" design whatever, about he's backgroud. So let me intrduce myself: nothing much, only another curious bored of the traditional designs, trying to get some knowledge to make his first board. I'm surfing about 21 years, I'm 34 old and have worked with shapers all these years to develop my boards. Have already tried thrusters, twinzers, quads, rocket fishes, funboards, cheaters, longs, bodyboards, bodysurfing, so, you're not loosing your time with someone who's freaking out your ideas, right? I'm really interested about the finless subject.

The question, this time is: is this design of rolled vee flexy tail possible to work in a short standup board? Cause the twin vee, may allow you to make a wider tail, what would fit well a shorter small-wave board, but the rolled vee design seemed to need a very narrow tail... would you like to discuss about it?

Thanks again.


Hi Dale!

Hi Dale, nice sketches. Let me ask something... Don't you feel that the concaves would make it too loose? I mean, it seems (for me) that what makes a finless board stick into the wave is the drag under the rails and tail, as well as the water flow over the rails, specially over the tail rails. So the concave could give too much looseness to the board, making it slide, or not??

The twin peak vee seems to be a functional idea (once it's still a sketch), directing the water flow to the rail and tail tips, and helping the tail release. I'd rather do channels, so you could give a harder edge to conduct the flow where you want, thought it could make the board harder to turn effectively (am I writing too bad?? I'm not english language native!) So, thanks for your attention.


Dale's finless board

Lovely planshape and interesting finless concept. Would be nice with a fin, too

Thanks for sharing your comments... what`s your background as a surfer? Do I know you?````Dale

"Ha! Dale - not to far from my ""dolphin"" design."

"I worked on a similar concept after watching dolphins surf. I am way into exploring the flex - it is one of the most under utilized aspects of a wave riding craft. See ya w/my ""3-piece"" suit!"