2012 Huck 7'3" by 20 1/2" by 2 1/2" "the Shoji"

2012 Huck 7'3" by 20 1/2" by 2 1/2" "the Shoji"

A creative tribute to the artists and craftsmen of Japan, drawing inspiration from shoji screens and japanese kites. The board is a complex wood framework covered in polyspan polyester tissue, decorated with colored tissue, and glassed with 2+6 top and bottom, epoxy resin sanded finish. Probox quad fin setup (according to Greenlight's webpage diagram for quads), with backing in place to add a single fin box later if desired. Final weight 11.5 lbs.Submitted by Huckleberry


At first glance I thought of this one as a skateboard. - YOR Health Products

Wow, so this is how its done. - BrandStar Entertainment

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I have heard that Japan is the only place where we get abundant artisans and tool men with ample creativities on their head.


The boat is made as a means of tribute for them. though the making of the boat took 3 ,long months, the wait was very much the worth.

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