2004 Mair Surfboards 11' 9 1/2 The Hanalei Spear

This is a serious gun designed for very big Hanalei Bay. It was built for long time big wave rider Felipe Pomar. Designed to have a lot of float to allow paddling in as early as possible. This board is a single fin as that is the way he likes them!


Well its pretty long I prefer

Well its pretty long I prefer the shorter surf boards. - Roger Stanton St. Mary's College

hanalei spear

does anybody know how to get a hold of Robin to get one of these beautiful boards made?
please and thank you
email mahroney@yahoo.com


What a beauty, would love to see more.


wow, take me to your leader. Is Flippy Hoffman still around? Back in the day he would have wanted one just like this.

very cool


DANG, That board is fricken huge and it is very very nice

Are you...?

Did you design a 28 foot plywood boat to be built by C and B Marine in Santa Cruz back in the early 80's? And nice board by the way.

sweeeeet!! a friend surfed there week before x-mas-said it was fairly sizable and the board of choice was just like this one. in fact he was hangin' with Felipe....


very very nice, any chance you can post a view of the rocker & fin?