2004 Mair Surfboards 9' 1" x 12 1/8" x 22 1/2" x 13" x 3 1/4" The Curve

This is a fun gun that I made myself for surfing the various breaks in Hanalei Bay. Has a bottom with slight V in the nose going into a concave through the middle of the board, then into a double-barrel concave under the back foot transitioning into a V in the tail.

Has a thruster fin setup that use my own custom thumb fin design that I have been using for years. I have posted a photo of these fins for those interested in fin design, I sell these under the Hanalei Fins name.

For the very observant, don't ask about the fin system in this board just yet, I will be posting more on it in the resource section in the very near future!


The curve is really awesome.

The curve is really awesome. They have to be so meticulous to find out what is up with that board. - Eric Ludy


The board is very nice.I own 9'0" gun two plus one fin set up and is a square tail the out line and measurements are very similar. I enjoy riding it in surf 3 to 6 feet the board is very fast and stable down the line but can still turn with ease, also a plus is early take off, can't beat it.I see the same similarity between the two boards, fun fun fun.