2008 Mair Surfboards 12' 6" x 9 3/4" x 22 1/4" x 9 1/2" x 4 3/8" "The Hanalei Spear"

Here is this seasons version of the balsa guns that I shape for Felipe Pomar. Very similar dimensions to last years model but with a new much cleaner template.

As before this is a hollow balsa manufactured by building a hollow box with ribs and plates and then bending solid strips around the rails. The plates are made over size to allow plenty of wiggle room when shaping.

By the time the board is done being shaped the plates are down to an 1/8" in places in order to get the weight down. Weight is a critical issue in a board this size.

This years model also has a larger fin that we have used on the previous two models still a single fin 11 3/4" high.

Big swell due tomorrow so hopefully he will get it out for a test run!


WOW - WOW - POW!!!

Hey Robin - You've really got it down man. The line, simplicity, elegance and sheer beauty are amazing; nice one! I know we started conversations about having you make me a special one for the collection, and after seeing this one, BACK ON...please give a call or email and let's get one going. Awesome, best, Pintail Mike

Re: WOW - WOW - POW!!!

Aloha Pintail Mike: Mahalo for the kind review, I'll dig out your email and send you a message in the morning. -Robin

Beautiful piece of art

What a beautiful board. If you have a photo showing rocker and or could send dimensions.....


Aloha - Allen

Re: Beautiful piece of art

Aloha Bayswim: I sent you all of the info including a picture of the rocker in my reply to your PM. Mahalo for your kind comments. -Robin

Thats a BIG Stick! How much does it weigh? What's the rocker and rail profile like. You're Seriuosly commmitted there building, let alone riding, on that scale. Its not like you just mow it out; its a project worthy of a blessing...massive presence!


Aloha Peterg1: I did not weigh this one but based on how it feels I would say it weighs somewhere around 22 - 24#, not exactly light but for the size not to bad. I really wanted to post the rocker profile with this resource but only three pictures can be posted so I could not fit it in. If you would like to see the rocker I can PM you the picture? Yes! It does take some effort to tackle a project like this and I find I have to be in just the right mood to shape one, I like to think and reflect about it for awhile, taking into consideration the serious situations the board will be put to use in! -Robin


You are to be more than complmented by the work and effort in the design and construction of this type of board,,,,knowing Felipe as i do,,,it will be put to good use,,,,Dennis Choate


Mahalo, Dennis: Really appreciate your kind compliments. I have to admit it is very inspirational working with Felipe as he is still so driven to ride the kind of surf this board is designed for, and as you say he will certainly put it to use. We are going to try to get some photos of him out on it that I will post when we get them. I already have some very cool photos of him riding some of the other guns I have shaped for him! -Robin

Sigh... What else could I say?


Wow. Fabulous. (Even if I wanted to make a board like that, I couldn't find 12 and a half foot long balsa....must cost a small fortune!)

Re: beautiful

Mahalo, Keith: Yes! They are not cheap and it can be a wait to get balsa that length, but still cheaper than some of the solid balsa blanks I have seen for sale. -Robin

A work of art..!
Mate,your a fair dinkum master craftsman.
If I ever had someone else to shape me a board..you would be the one.
Look forward to more of your work..!


Aloha Sammy: Mahalo for taking the time to check her out and your kind comments. I have a couple more being laminated so there will be more coming soon. Much appreciated! - Robin

Another Stunner

Robin -

Amazing. Simply amazing.

Re: Another Stunner

Mahalo John, appreciate the kind review! Sure is always a pleasure to shape a board like this, as it is not everyday you get to work on a board this size for such serious surfing! -Robin