2005 Resinhead 12 x 20 x 13 x 2 7/8 x 7'9 Jose Mickelsen One day Model

Keith's house at the last Swaylocks gathering got me thinking if I could make a complex board in 1 day. Made this board in 12 hrs.Haul'n butt to finish. Started at 7:00 am Friday, finished 7:00 pm Friday Gonna be my travel board for Hawaii, leaving Monday. Gloss polish, resin pins 6 x 4 / 6 Probox fin set up (Thanks Robin, these are the best, and easy) Concave front to vee out tail. hard rails out back, soft up front. Brewer type down turn rails. Back fins at 3.25 & 11.5. little to no toe in, set at 1/16 off stringer or 3 in off nose, and little to no cant. pushed the rocker all the way in nose in tail.


Such an elegant board.

Such an elegant board. Absolutely beautiful in all angles. - Marla Ahlgrimm

Longer boards that perform? good idea!

I like this outline! Great looking board! 12hrs is fast! Awesome! Nice color!

Round pin

What do you feel the the little squash offers that a rounded-pin would not?

I love these type of bigger boards in this range but I'm fan of pin with hips so I'm curious on the differnace.

Very nice work by the way.

Re: Round pin

I really don't see much difference in the tail shape, as long as its pulled in. It can be a baby swallow tail, little diamond tail, little squash, or a rounded pin tail. They all hold the same. The board was surfed in 4ft face sunset pt, to 8 ft face Rocky Pt to 15 ft face Makaha. Most important is having enough rocker in the nose and tail. It was a tough surf at Makaha because of the offshore wind and backwash, but once going it was fine.


Holy Moly

Jay that is rad you can get a board done that fast and have it look like a work of art too. Catch a few waves for me in Hawaii.


Aloha Jay:

Wow! Looks really good, love that swirl glass job. Glad to hear the ProBox fin system worked out for you. If you like, send me a high resolution version of these photos and I'll stick them on our website.

Like to hear how it works!



Is that Jimi Hendrix I see in that acid splash?