2002 Scott Miller 6'5" 1006

wood fin thruster with wood tail block.
fins made by me, board shaped, glassed, polished by Scott Miller... still looking good after a year of use...


Wow, the colors really

Wow, the colors really compliment the color of the board. Nice job for the color coordination. - Lindsay Rosenwald

board review

the first time i rode the board i hated it... couldn't keep the nose from pearling (perhaps because i took it out in top to bottom overhead bombs at sundown) so i shleved it for a few months bought a new fin and have really gotten into it... surf it 30% of the time (it is summer ;)).... well worth the effort a board like this that is soooo hard to ride makes surfing shitty waves fun...

wrong guy?

the shaper is scott miller of northern cal... by pr do you point rayes? i think you might have the wrong guy...

looking for new board

"just want to say hi to a old friend. ``if you could, pass this (comment) on to Skip Miller.``Hope all is well, and your still giting out there at 6 am for the perfect wave. Let me know what your up to.If your still living in PR. makinging surf boards or Mayor of Rincon.Hope to hear from you...`` `` tom russell"


She's a gem there Johnny boy. Wish I could try to slip into a few smockers on that thing. Did you get the e-mail of the new woody. -D