5 Shipman 6'4" x 21-1/4 x 2-5/8 Sparky-Uno

One of my boards I made for myself to ride this spring and the early summer season.. I shaped (clark foam) and painted it back in October but never got around to getting it glassed until late March of 06, glassing was done by North County Resin Works. The bottom goes like this. Chimed nose with slight concave under the nose going to flat area under chest area to single concave to double concave through the front fins with a vee out the tail with forword pinched wings. 2+1 fin set up. This board should work great as a single but with the side bite it will preform like crazy. I have not had the change to ride this one yet but I am looking forward to riding this puppy sooner or later.

Thanks Benjamin


Awesome board. That is worth

Awesome board. That is worth owning. From the design to the shape, it's nicely done. - Murfreesboro Dental Excellence

6'4 2+1 shipster

I'd really like a 6 - 6'2 x 19 x 2 3/8" version of that , Ben .

With [as reverb has hinted at perhaps] , a couple of extra side plugs for a potential 5 fin bonzer [four side runners] setup .

I would also like to try that as a single fin setup , with about an 8 x 5 1/2" fin set halfway to right the way forward in the fin box .

How far up is that box from the tail tip , Ben ?

And yes ...

what ARE the nose and tail widths on that board , please ?

[I reckon I'd do 15" and 14- 14 1/2" respectively on one of the dimensions I had in mind .

Although I guess you will be able to noseride some sections pretty easily on what you have there ! [it reminds me of a drawing I did and posted here a while ago of a roundnosed stinger swallowtail ....]

nice work , Ben

glad to see you are still active in the board design department . Hope you DO get a window of opportunity to ride it some time in the very near future .

cheers ,


Re: 6'4 2+1 shipster

Chip,A 6'2" version of this would be Awesome!. No thanks on the extra plugs thang. I got my bonzers. This board is basically the Suki-Uno board(from the same template) that I shape except I added wings and a performance type bottom. the dimensions are: 6'4", N 16.75", M 20.50" and T 14.50". The center box 8" box is 5" up from the tail.
Chip thanks for the kind words. 'Keep On Keeping On!


Eddie's Reef

Very nice board Ben. The shape ,the art work, the fin placement, the rails !
Perfect board for Eddie's reef at low tide with a good north swell. Keep up the good work! Please ding it a few times so I can ride it.


Re: Eddie's Reef

thanks Ray, I am waithing for that low tide north at Eddie's reef. I can't get in water yet.

A fantastic board Ben, however from seeing all of your others on Sways, I don't expect anything short of excellent. Can you pass on the Nose and tail dimensions please? Are the front fins by Halycon?


Gill, THANKS! nose 16.75", Mid 20.50", Tail 14.50". Those front fin are just plain old FCS side bites.

...good looking board
...lucky that the shape dont have a damage..
...better if you ve got a couple more fins to prove


Cheers, Reverb. shape ain't got no damage. NO More Fins Dammit!