2007 Soul & Power 4'x23"x1 3/4" Body reptile 2

This is version 2, improved turning capabilities,
should have the same lightning speed as no.1.
What fins would be best for this machine?
Still needs to be tested, who is volunteering?


Looks GOOD!!

I'll teste it, send me the boards :D

Go with the kiteboard style fins in photo 2 i would say...

Great board, great board!

That board looks so fun, but if I were you I would have put Future boxes in there and put their big ole keel fins in that thing. I just got a set for my 5'8" fish and LOVE them! I used to have a set of FCS glass twin fins I dug out of an old box in a surf shop here in Charleston that the owner didn't even know he had. THose fins went insane. They didn't seem like they were made by FCS, but if you can find a set of good solid, wide based twin fins I'd go with them. What type of fins do you have in the first and third pictures? They look like YUs or AMs or a similar template.

Thanks Klaubaskull, this board is not meant for standup surfing. The plastic fins were the first ones lying around. I'm busy making a set of real fishfins, but for bodyboarding smaller fins make the board turn better.

Well, I'll give it a shot if you like

Looks like a good blackball beater

I'm thinking about a pe foam deck.

Just like to to say you made same great boards! I as just wondering what foam you use/where you get your blanks from? (i'm also from holland and am looking for some blanks)

have you check out channel Island buscuit?5'2"x16?x19 3/4x16?x2"3/4.RT.
simlar concept

Checked, the biscuit is a thruster with no nose, micro turtle is a longboard without the mid section, there are some unintended similarities.

pretty good. disighn funny but looks fun

This is looks nice, I think my little sister want this and love to ride this one. - Phillip Elden

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